Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu – Speaker Extraordinaire

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“What a show! Good speaker, good session, totally enjoyable.”
Attendee Feedback Form
TechEd Asia

“If you are looking for a brilliant speaker for a conference, consider Chad Hower. As you might know, I make very few endorsements of that sort. …. The good news is that he’ll be an independent speaker and if you run a conference or a user group anywhere in EMEA, you should really consider have him come over and talk.”
Clemens Vasters
WCF Program Manager

“Wow-Very very professional.”

“We could not have delivered the First Dev.Conference (Geek Event) in Gulf without Chad’s input to planning and excellent delivery which has had very positive effects on our perception and engagement with the developer community in the region.
Many many thanks.”
Vimal Sethi
DPE Lead
Microsoft Gulf

“An excellent presentation and a good overview of the technology. I’m not 100% convinced of it’s application but really impressed with the presenter. Well Done and thanks :-)”
TechEd Europe Feedback Form

“Good session. Great speaker…. good look into the future as well as pragmatic review of current stuff.”
Attendee Feedback Form
TechEd US

“Chad Hower was really amazing and made almost every one in the room to fall off his/her chair, he knows his stuff, but he also does it with passion and laughter. Thank you, thank you and thank you Chad for your support to MS Kuwait, and hope to have you back in the near future.”
Omar Draghmeh
EPG Manager
Microsoft Kuwait

TechEd Europe Feedback Form

“This is for me the best session I have attended; technically accurate, hot topic and the presenter knows and uses the power of humor to educate on the subject.”

“This guy is great and the contents is incredible.”

“Chad was presenting at our WebDevCon conference in Moscow, also I saw him presenting at various events before and I always was delighted by his style of presenting and being in contact with the audience. I can say for sure – Chad is one of those speakers whom you can learn from.”
Alexander Lozhechkin
Architect Evangelist
Microsoft Russia

“Very good speaker! Was overtime but we didn’t care!”

“The best session in the event till now.”

“Chad excelled in presentation, educational and technical skills while ‘performing’ during Developer & IT Pro Days 2006 in Belgium.”
Tom Mertens
Audience Marketing Manager
Microsoft Belgium

“Very good entertaining speaker. Great topic about user-friendly interfaces and user-experience.”

“Chad has a laid-back and comfortable way of presenting topics, he has the ability to lure knowledge into us, in a both entertaining and efficient way. He also has the ability to make the audience participants, not only spectators. By looking at things from new viewpoints – Chad is a master here, you start to think in a new way. His sessions become a trip in Aha!-land, an exciting trip.”
Ingvar Nilsen
Oslo Delphi Day 2006

“Wish he had more time for another session, excellent!”

“Best speaker of the 2 days for me. This man can fill a whole day without falling asleep or losing the public’s attention.”
Attendee Feedback Form
Belgium Developer Days 2006

“If you look beyond the jokes you will find a deeply knowledgeable individual who is always willing to help the community. Chad manages to excide the crowds not only by jokes but by deep knowledge and hands-on experience on the topics he delivers!”
Evangelos Hadjichristodoulou
BizTalk MVP



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