Top 5 Cities To Go And Party! Party cities. The United States is full of them. Each of these crazy towns has a different flavor and a different reason to make a visit. But partying can be a expensive. Make sure you have plenty of cash to throw at your debaucherous weekend.   If you are struggling with money, don’t worry. You can pad the bank account with a car title loan. You simply take your title to a lender and get a loan on the equity of your vehicle. It’s a simple, effective personal finance tool. And it guarantees you won’t miss the partyRead More →


What are the best date movies? The truth is, it is not always as easy as putting a list together of movies that make someone want to cuddle, as everyone has their own idea of what a good movie really is. If you are interested in taking your date out on a movie that will really get their attention, the best thing you can do is decide to invest some time finding out what they really enjoy. This in turn gives you the opportunity to get to know them better and it gives you the chance to impress them when it comes to choosing aRead More →


The United States of America are going to spend over half a TRILLION a year on media and entertainment.  Yes, that is more money than most countries even have. Americans love their entertainment and the amount we are spending on it is increasing annually. The amount of money that half a trillion dollars can buy is astronomical and outright ridiculous. With that money, you can hire every single person in Chicago at the federal minimum wage… for the next 12 years. With that amount of money, you could pay the salaries of every member of Congress for the next 5,000 years. With that amount ofRead More →


Glamour Magazine, under the sole sponsorship of Lane Bryant, a retailer for “plus-sized” women, has upset one of the women who they say inspire them, the comedian Amy Schumer.   A Plus-Sized Firefight Over Who is or Who is Not Plus-Sized Glamour Magazine’s latest is an “all plus-size” issue intended to be a landmark for female body positivity that has instead set off a debate across the Internet on the meaning of “plus-size” both technically and emotionally, and the role of female body size in the fashion industry.   The cover of this “all plus-size” issue of Glamour lists the name of four women whoRead More →

Kobe Bryant is a celebrated basketball player who has earned a place in the NBA hall of fame. He has played for Los Angeles Lakers basketball team for over 2 decades. Like his father Joe Bryant, he enjoyed a very successful career with no major incidents. In 2000 he declined to play in the Olympics so that he could get married. He has been described as a dedicated team player who valued his performance on and off the court. Despite his achievements he is an honest and down to earth person. In his last season (2015-2016) he scored 60 points which elevated him to oneRead More →