Glamour Magazine, under the sole sponsorship of Lane Bryant, a retailer for “plus-sized” women, has upset one of the women who they say inspire them, the comedian Amy Schumer.   A Plus-Sized Firefight Over Who is or Who is Not Plus-Sized Glamour Magazine’s latest is an “all plus-size” issue intended to be a landmark for female body positivity that has instead set off a debate across the Internet on the meaning of “plus-size” both technically and emotionally, and the role of female body size in the fashion industry.   The cover of this “all plus-size” issue of Glamour lists the name of four women whoRead More →

Kobe Bryant is a celebrated basketball player who has earned a place in the NBA hall of fame. He has played for Los Angeles Lakers basketball team for over 2 decades. Like his father Joe Bryant, he enjoyed a very successful career with no major incidents. In 2000 he declined to play in the Olympics so that he could get married. He has been described as a dedicated team player who valued his performance on and off the court. Despite his achievements he is an honest and down to earth person. In his last season (2015-2016) he scored 60 points which elevated him to oneRead More →